Patented design
Unique and outstanding
Made of finest leather
Buy from boutique tanneries of France and Southern Germany
Vegetable oil tanned
Able to age for patina
Buttery soft surface
> 2K resemblances
> 5K resemblances

CAZLET is designed to conceal and carry your phone in a functional way. Slide in your phone and you’re really good to go. Your cards and cash are stashed in the wallet, and only the front screen of your phone is visible. However, you can still conveniently access your phone – whether it be for answering calls, texting, listening to music on the headset or speakers, and charging your phone – without the hassle of removing it from the wallet.

While you are at your desk or relax yourself on the sofa, slide out your phone from the wallet and hold it naked. There’re moments you don’t have to bear the bulk and weight added by the case every time you use the phone. Give yourself a chance to appreciate its uncluttered aesthetics, which is one of the reasons you buy the phone you do.

Beside offering a freedom to make your phone easy in and out without compromising your comfort zone, CAZLET is your perfect every-day-carry (EDC) wallet and protecting your phone more than you expected, and here is why.

Designed to be shock proof
Safeguard every edge of your phone
Cushioned with shock absorbing foam
Fully protected from scratches, bumps and falls
Meet the US MIL-STD-810G1 drop test
Keep dirt out of headphone jack and port
Full screen protection and functionality
Phone screen is shielded with a super strong
tempered glass screen protector2
9H scratch resistant with oleophobic coating
Anti shatter for enhanced safety
Bubble free silicone adhesive
Rounded edges prevents any chipping
Full access to screen functionality
No need to flip the front cover
Immediate access to Touch ID
All alerts are always visible
Get to hold a naked phone (whenever needed)
Phone is easy in and out
Convenient for bare phone docking
Easy to clean off a naked phone
Keep your phone hygienic
Enjoy the original feel and appreciate the uncluttered aesthetics of the phone you invested
Won't save your phone from every drop
Part of your phone is not always covered
Transfer dIrect impact to your phone
Exposed areas are susceptible to scratches, bumps and falls
Mostly not compliant with any drop test
Easily trap dirt in the headphone jack and port
Can't have the best of both
Impossible to install a full-size tempered glass screen protector if the case has a bezel frame
Impeded screen functionality
Annoying cover-flipping action
Delayed access to Touch ID
Likely to miss screen alerts
Always carry with an added bulk (almost forever)
Tedious to put in and take out
Difficult for bare phone docking
Add extra nooks and crannies for dirt to get in
Your phone becomes highly contagious
Cover up the phone's design which is often one of the
reasons you buy the phone you do
Look and feel like a wallet
Plenty of space for bills and cards3
A serious replacement of your EDC wallet
A truly all-in-one solution
Neat and tidy
Bi-fold your banknotes at ease
Less bulk
Easy to retrieve and store
Support tall banknotes (Sterling & Euro) in bi-fold
Manage all in one place with dedicated slots
Receipts, tickets and other little notes
SIM eject tool
SIM card
Screen cleaning pad
Safe and discreet
Sealed by a strong self-locking zipper
Never at risk of inadvertently falling out
Stash your bills and cards in concealed storage
Safeguard the privacy of your belongings
Almost unusable as your EDC wallet
Limited storage for bills and cards
Can't replace your daily wallet due to lack of space
Still have to carry your daily wallet as second item
Unorganized and unmanageable
Force your banknotes to be tri-folded
The third fold adds 50% thickness
Inconvenient to retrieve and store
Tall banknotes may need to be quad-folded
Hard to keep regular and easy-to-miss items
“All my pockets are stuffed with papers”
“I hate to keep loose coins in my pants pocket”
“Help! I need a paperclip to swap the SIM card”
“Oops! my little SIM card is missing”
“It is time to clean my phone screen but how?”
“Crap! my house key scratched my phone again”
Unsafe and no privacy
No sealing mechanism
Cards and bills may come loose and fall out
Reveal bills and cards to people around you
Lose privacy of what your carried
Breeze through metro stations
Dedicated card slot for 100% successful scan
Shielded from phone's interference
Safeguard your personal data
Enabled with RFID Blocking Sleeve4
Block radio signal emitted from the smart cards
Credit/debit card is well-guarded
Driver licence card is well-guarded
Health insurance card is well-guarded
Rejected due to card scan failure
No such slot built for access card purpose
Interfered by phone's electromagnetic radiation
Unauthorized access without your knowledge
Most cases just wouldn't support
Vulnerable to identity theft who steals personal data
“Sorry, your credit card has been defrauded”
“Sorry, your driver license has been revoked”
“Sorry, your medical histories have been uploaded”
Mix and match to fit your need
Support an ecosystem of astounding accessories
ID Sleeve
RFID Blocking Sleeve
Card Band
Coin Pocket
Hand Strap
Elevated Stand
No supporting accessories
1The US Military Standard 810G involves a series of hard-surface drops from 122cm (4-foot) height on 26 contact points (8 corners, 12 cut surfaces and 6 major surfaces).
2The tempered glass protector is part of the CAZLET “Fit” standard package, and it is also offered as a value-added option for other models, which gives your phone screen an optimum protection.
3Hold more cards with less bills, or vice versa. CAZLET has various models ranging from the most spacious Euro to the slimmest Fit to cater for the space-hungry user and the absolute minimalist.
4A portable accessory that stores two smart-chip enabled cards with easy push-up cutout.

Imagine having the seamless solution of keeping your mobile phone securely concealed and well protected in a wallet that also carries your other everyday essentials. Such a product will surely eliminate the hassle of you needing to constantly keep a check on your belongings.

That is exactly what CAZLET offers. It feels and looks like an elegant wallet but also holds your mobile phone in a well-protected compartment.

In order to move around and stay connected, it is necessary to not only have your smartphone – but also other stuff like your cash, credit cards, transit pass and driving license. A screen-cleaning pad, and perhaps a SIM eject tool for iPhone users, might come in handy too.

So where do you store all of these stuff to carry around? Try out CAZLET. It is designed to keep all your essentials in one place for an easy find. Now, you’re really good to go.

CAZLET’s specially designed smartphone compartment is made of a fabric that is soft and elastic, making phone insertion as easy as sliding into the back pocket of your jeans. The good thing is your phone can go naked anytime as needed because taking it out of the compartment is just as effortless.

The ease of in and out provides an extreme convenience to the

docking devices that require a bare phone to fit, or to keep your phone tangle-free and lightweight at home. This convenience sets it apart from the hard-to-remove-phone designs that often hurt your fingernails when phone case is a burden and not needed.

Once fitted in the phone compartment, the fabric’s elasticity will always keep your phone snug and stay stylish. Equipped with an air padding to the specialized compartment’s opening, your phone is fully sealed and well protected. Unlike many phone cases that actually scratch your phone because of the materials used and the way they "grab" your iPhone, the CAZLET conversely is completely lined with very soft cotton-like fabric that can't scratch or do any damage to it.

Although CAZLET’s phone compartment wraps snugly around your phone for great protection, it does not impede its functionality and use. You can still conveniently access your device – whether it be for answering calls, texting, listening to music on the headset or speakers, and charging your phone – without the hassle of removing it from the secure compartment.

One zipper gone wrong can render an entire wallet unusable. Thus CAZLET only uses zippers from YKK, a Japanese brand globally renowned for their outstanding quality and durability of products.

The particular zipper used to secure the wallet compartment, is semi-automatic and self-locking. So rest assure that your CAZLET will not open accidentally by itself, and your valuables are never at risk of inadvertently falling out.

Each CAZLET is individually handcrafted in sumptuous nubuck leather for a soft and luxurious feel. Its fine nap gives a comfortable, velvety soft touch that is so desirable when grasped in hand. The nubuck leather is buttery soft and nicely stitched, just what you'd expect from a company that's built a reputation for producing high end leather accessories.

CAZLET is currently designed to fit the iPhone 5s/5. Nevertheless, new models compatible for use with other smartphones are in the pipeline.

Write to us if you don’t see your smartphone on the ready list. We welcome any feedback for requests. Remember, popular demand motivates new releases.

Choose, match and purchase extra accessories for your CAZLET. These range from a coin pocket attachment to a hand strap. There is also an ID sleeve or a multiple holder band that can make storing the different cards your carry around much neater.

Each different add-on that you can buy fits in the design to cater to your own personal needs.


-315px 0px large_grey
0px -213px normal_grey
  • Excellent for iPhone 5s with direct access to the Touch ID
  • Also compatible with iPhone 5c*/5
  • More leather coverage for leather lovers
  • Excellent for iPhone 5c*/5 by extending the lifespan of home button

CAZLET’s Nubuck Leather is named after Australian Wildlife Animals for their fur colors.

Dingos are a dog-like wolf, have a long muzzle, erect ears, strong claws and a ginger coat.
Koalas typically inhabit open eucalypt woodlands. Their fur colour ranges from silver grey to chocolate brown.
Platypus are the only mammals that lay eggs. They are covered with dense, brown waterproof fur.

With its sensuous, velvety feel and lush appearance, Nubuck leather appeals to all the senses. It is a premium full-grain leather with buttery soft nap that delivers almost sinful tactile pleasure.

Over time, nubuck leather will age beautifully and develop a rich patina that gives a certain unique character.

The velvety textured surface show a difference in shading when you run your hand across it. The effect also gives the leather a color depth and this shading is not found in any other type.

Nubuck leather should not be confused with suede leather, which is a split grain, and therefore different in feel and quality, strength and integrity.

CORDURA® Fabric is an industry-leading abrasion resistant high-denier fabric. It has the feel and texture of traditional canvas, but with greater durability.

The YKK® Premier Zipper is top of the range zipper which features a self-locking slider body and invisible path that hides the teeth upon zipped up.

About The Materials Used by CAZLET

CORDURA® fabrics have a longstanding military heritage (over 45 years), and many US military fabric specs are based on Cordura brand specifications.

YKK® Zip, the Japanese zipper behemoth, is a must for reputable fashion brands. It makes roughly half of all the zippers on earth, which is more than 7 billion zippers each year.

Banknotes: Ideally holds up to 20 Notes Extra: 1x Cleaning Pad Slot
1x Key Slot
1x Free Slot open for receipts, movie ticket, etc.

Utility Pad contains of
• 1x SIM Eject Tool Slot
• 1x SIM Card Slot

Cards: 1x Access Card Slot dedicated for easy scanning by card reader

1x Card Slot fitting up to 3 regular cards (ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1 sized cards)
No more forcing banknotes in a cramped space. The CAZLET’s ample compartment allows you to bi-fold currency notes for easy retrieval.
Can US Size CAZLET fit banknotes which is taller than 72mm? for example the 77mm EUR 50 bill.
Yes, the US Size CAZLET can certainly fit EUR 50 or any taller banknotes in tri-fold.
When CAZLET US Size stores an iPhone, four cards, ten US notes, six coins, one SIM card, one SIM eject tool, and one cleaning pad, its thickness is approximately 1.4 cm (after compressed).
The CAZLET’s buttery soft leather feels great in a palm grip and provides maximum comfort to prevent sore hands.
Instead of a hardshell case which is made of either unrecyclable plastic or heavy metal alloy, CAZLET use earth-friendly fabric and vegetable oil-tanned leather treated with 3M-formulated conditioner to reduce its weight as much as 30%. CAZLET is lightweight in every sense.

Standard package contains:

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23 Comment(s)
(Posted on 3/4/15)
I've been using your Cazlet for some time now, and I must say I'm thrilled by your product.
It's a joy to handle, I love the touch of the material. It's also a very practical piece of equipment, it fits all my needs, and allows quick access.
Thank you for this cazlet, great idea, great product !
(Posted on 12/6/14)
The case is nicely made and is convenient for a front pocket billfold. i like the organization and it is not too bulky. I have used it for about a month and my iphone 5s has started to come out on the side away from the zipper. It seems to get pushed past the side flap with use in the pocket. I still like it but I am not sure how long it will last. Other than that I would give it a 5.
Sour Grapes!
(Posted on 8/14/14)
I did a little digging of the materials used by your wallet... Cordura - a special nylon used in US military force. The latex band - the same fabric used by the high-end Japanese Atsuko Kudo fashion. Serafil stitch - the same thread used by Hermès and Ferragamo. Nubuck leather - small independent tanneries from France and Germany... I understand all these top materials are well worth over $$$. I like your design very much but I hope you can make a 30-buck phone wallet so I can afford one.
Living in the sunshine
(Posted on 8/11/14)
This wallet is very functional. It's sturdy enough to bring it with me on all my adventures. If I had to be picky, access to the camera would be a bonus. But I am very happy with it the way it is as getting my phone out of it is just easy.
(Posted on 8/7/14)
It could have been 5 star if you provided a printed info in the packaging that showed a simple diagram of phone insertion. For two weeks my phone bottom was totally exposed. I didn't know my iPhone's bottom can be hidden and sealed until I saw your instruction video on Youtube. Also your product reviewers were not professional enough to find this out.
(Posted on 8/4/14)
In the world of iPhone accessories, there are two names I trust almost above all others: Twelve South and Pad & Quill. With the given impressive Cazlet, I want to add one more name: Kynez
(Posted on 7/31/14)
I have had the opportunity to use it with an iPhone inside for a while. I was amazed at the quality of the product itself.
(Posted on 7/28/14)
The US size is smaller than I expected. It is more comfortable to grip too - well done!
(Posted on 7/27/14)
I must say though, it is one of the highest quality looking phone/wallets out there, I am really hoping it is as good in person!
(Posted on 7/22/14)
Why don't you have one model for samsung s4? I almost want to switch my phone to iPhone because of your wallet.
(Posted on 7/20/14)
This is an amazing product and hope it gets made for other devices as well. (I'm a little jealous there isn't one for the nexus 5)
(Posted on 7/17/14)
I've never reviewed a product after only two days of use, but I think that I need to say this is a perfect product after two months of vigorous use.
(Posted on 7/17/14)
I found you by doing lots of googling to try and find exactly what I was after.
I eventually found your case which apart from not being able to use the rear camera due to the cases very nature was perfect.
My only concern was how pocketable it is, however I thought I may as we'll bite the bullet and just try it.
(Posted on 7/12/14)
This wallet is my best gift for my husband. It is so much more comfortable for him and he is very happy with it.
(Posted on 7/8/14)
Recently received the wallet and have been nothing short of impressed by the build quality and such.
(Posted on 7/6/14)
I am so impressed with this product! I am tired of fumbling with the phone and my wallet so this item is the best I've seen on the market.
(Posted on 7/2/14)
I've tried BookBook and many flip cover cases. None of them lasted long because it is not practical to use. I've been using cazlet more than a month, and exceeds my picky expectation. Thank you for designing such a great product:-)
(Posted on 6/28/14)
Thank you once again for the Cazlet case. It looks very neat on my iPhone and really enjoy using it as a wallet too. Your video was also helpful when inserting my phone correctly. It definitely feels well made with durable materials. Good luck with the product production.
(Posted on 6/18/14)
You should make a samsung galaxy s4 case because I really want to get this case for my phone.
(Posted on 6/16/14)
Like the concept a lot....but....that is just NOT attractive! It looks rugged, practical, sturdy, incorporates all the features I look for in a wallet case for my iPhone, really, it does, EXCEPT it is so ugly. How about something in a sleek smooth fine leather, in colors like burgundy, gold, lime green, mustard...something other than brown!? Please?
(Posted on 6/12/14)
This is a good protective case, too! I actually did drop my phone on the floor at the mall and nothing happened.
(Posted on 6/7/14)
My friends and I have been looking at iPhone 5s cases for a while now. we are very impressed by your design, due to the compartmental slots, to carry everything we need in a organized manner.
(Posted on 6/1/14)
This looks really well thought out. I like the craftsmanship I think I see on the pics and love the expandability. THANK YOU FOR A SIM SLOT!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I insert my iPhone into the CAZLET?

How do I access the buttons on my iPhone?

Can I use headphones when my iPhone is in the CAZLET?

You can use your headphones as usual by plugging it through the CAZLET’s phone compartment opening. Store the cable in the wallet to keep it tangle free and handy.

How can CAZLET protect my mobile phone?

The space surrounding the mobile phone compartment in the CAZLET forms a natural airbag-like cushion. This provides great support and offers an extremely effective protection against drops. Compared to conventional hard shell cases, the CAZLET does not transfer impact directly to the phone.

Will the CAZLET damage my iPhone in any way?

No. Unlike many phone cases that actually scratch your phone because of the materials used and they way they "grab" your iPhone, the CAZLET conversely is completely lined with very soft cotton-like fabric that can't scratch or do any damage to it.

Can I use a lanyard with CAZLET?

Yes, you can. There’s a ring near the loop which can be used to attach a Hand Strap from KYNEZ.

How can I make use of the utility pad found in the CAZLET?

They are designed to offer you a place to keep your SIM card and SIM-eject tool. This keeps them safe, and you will always be able to find them when needed.

What is the use of CAZLET's outermost slot?

By placing the access card in CAZLET's outermost slot, you can breeze through card reader while keeping your card safely stored in the CAZLET. This is especially handy when you are in public transit point or building door gates where requires touch access.

Can I place two access cards in the outermost slot of CAZLET?

We donʼt recommend placing two access cards stacking each other and being placed in the same outermost slot. This will interfere the signals and confuse the card scanner.

The color and surface of the leather around my CAZLET’S edges have changed after weeks of use. Is this a defect?

The Nubuck leather used for the CAZLET has a very fine nap. This gives it a velvet-like finish. Owing to its delicate nature, the “velvet” finish may be rubbed off gradually in areas prone to friction such as the edges, corners and joints. As the leather ages, it acquires a lovely worn-in appearance, softens naturally and gains a vintage patina, especially in the darker color finishes.
P/S: These are characteristics of a Nubuck leather finish – it is not a quality fault and will not be covered under our warranty.

How do I clean my CAZLET?

There are a few methods to clean your CAZLET:

1.  Rub the surface of the wallet with a clean, dry towel. This cleans the leather’s nap.
2.  Remove small, dry stains through the judicious use of a clean pencil eraser. Small stains that are wet should be blotted up by putting a paper towel on it and a weight on top of the towel. For both these stains however, avoid using a chemical stain remover.
3.  Bring your wallet to a professional leather care centre if you are unsure of how to remove stubborn dirt and other stains.

Can I fit my mobile phone with a case into the CAZLET?

No, the CAZLETʼs phone compartment is designed to fit a bare phone for perfect alignment.

Will having a sealed case affect phone reception performance?

No. There is zero metal which has direct contact on the phone, thus, it in no way interferes with the phone’s reception quality. As a matter of fact, the CAZLET should improve the quality and consistency of phone’s reception since it leaves an air gap around the phone edges where antennas are located.

Can I still hear my mobile phone ring or even put someone on speakerphone, while my mobile phone remains fully concealed in CAZLET?

Yes, you can. The sound coming from CAZLET is not blocked though it may seem fully concealed.

Can US Size CAZLET fit banknotes which is taller than 72mm? for example the 77mm EUR 50 bill.

Yes, the US Size CAZLET can certainly fit EUR 50 or any taller banknotes in tri-fold.

Can EURO Size CAZLET fit banknotes which is taller than 82mm? for example the 85mm GBP 50 bill.

Yes, the EURO Size CAZLET can certainly fit GBP 50 or any taller banknotes in tri-fold.

Will my CAZLET stretch out over time?

No, it wonʼt as long as you do not overfill CAZLET more than its recommended usage.

I find that the compartments of my CAZLET are a little too tight for an easy use.

The material of your CAZLET may feel a little stiff when first used. As it is made of leather, the fit will become pliable over time, as when your mobile phone and the wallet become well acquainted.

How do you help to reduce the chance of my order to be taxed?

Depending on the destination country, if a proof of purchase (e.g. tax invoice) is required to be included in the package by the carrier, it is likely to be subjected to tax if the invoiced value exceeds the minimum tax threshold of the destination country. In this case we would try to change to another carrier which can settle it by declaring an “estimated” value.

Have any of your packages been collected for custom tax and VAT?

We’ve shipped orders to more than 40 countries, and only one VAT-incurred incident from UK has been reported due to a minor shift of exchange rate which turned the declared value just barely over the minimum tax threshold. We’ve learned from this case and readjusted the declared value for UK packages to a safe range. However, the total declared value will be multiplied if a package contains many wallets, and this will increase the chance to be taxed.

I Have A Question

Feel free to ask any question if none of the FAQ below helps.


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CAZLET + Optional Items
Bundle with optional accessories to save more.
Put your photo ID in a special sleeve. It protects your card from wear and tear, reducing the need for a reissue. The ID sleeve stands out from the other contents in your wallet with the genuine leather trim, and makes for an easy access.
While leaving the most frequently used cards in your wallet's main compartment, stack your other cards together and wrap it with a KYNEZ Card Band. It is a Japan-made durable latex band made up of interwoven strands of rubber, that can hold your cards firmly together. The absence of a divider between your cards reduces bulk.
This coin pocket is designed to hold loose change. It is made large enough to hold eight US quarters. It can be easily attached to and detached from the CAZLET. The built-in magnetic opening keeps your coins secure in the pocket.
The KYNEZ Hand Strap, which is made of an elastic band produced in Japan, fits comfortably around your wrist. You are able to keep your wallet and phone close to you without worries about losing or misplacing them. The hand strap is equipped with a detachable buckle, a string loop on one end and a harness on the other. It can be easily loosened to free up your hand. The leather trim at one end further gives it a luxe feel.
We practice GREEN & "WRAP RAGE" FREE packaging for all products. GREEN - we mean no tags, no brochure, and no cutting tree - plus no printing ink. Just a good strong padded envelop which is light enough to save the air fuel. "WRAP RAGE" FREE implies that our packages are easy to open. No anger, frustration and violence from the inability to open hard-to-remove packaging. We recycle all boxes, plastic bags, bubble wrap & styrofoam received from our suppliers.
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