Couple Bracelets Black King And White Queen With Key Lock

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Price includes the full Two Piece Couple Bracelets Set



Every Couple Bracelets Set is made with love and is the perfect way to express your deep love and commitment towards one another.


Stylish and Sweet Gift

These cute King and Queen Couple Bracelets are a perfect way to showcase your love or friendship. They make a romantic gift and lets your special someone know how much you really care. They are a perfect gift for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Anniversary. But then again, does there HAVE to be a reason to give a present to someone you love? :P. These Couple Bracelets are also a great way to connect long distance relationship love birds and helps express your deep love and commitment no matter the distance.


Choose Quality

We only use the best quality for all our jewelry. Stainless steel jewelry does not readily corrode, rust, or stain with water unlike ordinary steel. With these great factors, stainless steel has become an increasingly popular choice for jewelry.




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